Beating aggressive slurries

James Walker (UK) has launched its new Aluflon compression packing world-wide, following success with highly aggressive chemical slurries in Australia. The product was originally developed as shaft gland packing for pumps used by the Australian alumina industry. Over the past year its exceptional resistance to highly caustic slurries and strong acids has significantly reduced plant downtime and extended maintenance-free periods for process operators.
“We produce Aluflon as a soft and conformable, low-friction packing with the widest chemical compatibility for media in the range pH 0-14”, explained Andrew Goulding, James Walker’s technical manager for packings.
“It is cross-plaited from highly-developed yarn that has a reinforced glass insert with a spun cover of polyolefin fibre. All components are impregnated and coated with PTFE micro-particles and an inert petroleum lubricant to minimise break-out friction and shaft wear.”
Aluflon works in the temperature range –50°C to +130°C. Maximum operating pressures are 100bar for valves, 50bar for reciprocating pumps and 20bar for centrifugal pumps. Recommended shaft speed limits are 12m/s on rotary duties and 2m/s on reciprocating.

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