BEL Valves invests in new technology

BEL Valves has been working closely with its customers and supply chain to expand its portfolio to provide products across a broader spectrum.

Continuing on from a successful program of value engineering in BEL Valves, the new Milan operation will support the development and manufacture of the extended portfolio. For the business, this has not only become about advancing technology into more extreme environments, but also evaluating current technologies and practices, so that they can be applied efficiently to add maximum value for surface applications.

In recent years, BEL Valves has not only invested in efficiency programs, but also into research and development, ultra-deepwater hyperbaric testing, in-country local content provision and now more recently into an Italian operation. It is covering the broad spectrum that means BEL Valves can provide the market with the economical price; but also with the technical and service offering that the market is still demanding and will continue to look to over the next 10 years.

Valve design for oil and gas projects demands efficient practices and procedures to ensure project viability.

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