Benarx Epoxy box

Benarx® Epoxy Intumescent Fireproofing Boxes manufactured by Beerenberg have been successfully delivered (108x units) for pneumatic and hydraulic actuators to protect them up against hydrocarbon pool fire in Halfaya project, Iraq. With superior PFP properties, this removable intumescent coating has one of the best-in-class fire performance at low thickness. Made by stainless steel skeleton covered by epoxy intumescent coating.

Designed to allow actuator service and maintenance with easy accessibility. Bespoke Benarx® fireproofing has passed UL1709 for hydrocarbon pool fire (+1093°C/+2000°F), ISO 22899 jet fire  (+1200°C/+2200°F) witnessed by 3rd parties, tested for cryogenic cold spill release (ISO 20088:1-3) and explosion. Benarx® fireproofing by creating protective char barrier during the fire, ensures the emergency shutdown valves remain operational by keeping them below failure temperature (i.e +70°C/+158°F) for requested fire duration.

This system can be used for various range of valves, fulfill API 2218 standard and having track records from Shell, Total, Chevron, Exxon, BP, Equinor and others owners both onshore and offshore worldwide since 2000.

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