BHGE launches new Mooney FlowMax HP Regulator

BHGE announces the release of off-the-shelf conversion kits to upgrade API 526 direct spring SRVs (safety relief valves) to higher performance, POSRVs (pilot operated safety relief valves). For decades, API 526 direct spring SRVs have been installed around the world to prevent over-pressurization of piping systems. However, in many cases, these valves have been misapplied in applications resulting in valve chatter or limitations where higher valve operating pressures are required. Upgrading to a POSRV allows users to improve process efficiency by operating closer to the set point, as compared to direct spring valves, but until today, has been very difficult to replace without field piping modifications.

“Other suppliers require a full valve replacement, hence piping modifications, to upgrade their PRVs to a piloted operated design. The Consolidated 2900 is now the only pilot valve solution in the market that is able to replace any competitors API 526 direct spring SRV without piping modifications caused by center-to-face dimensional differences. The Consolidated 2900 POSRV is a unique modular design that can be added on to any 1900 SRV in the field to provide the enhanced performance,” Said Brian Burkhart, Senior Product Manager at BHGE.

The Consolidated family of POSRVs and POSVs compliment the full portfolio of ASME B&PVC Section I & Section VIII safety and safety relief valves that are offered globally covering an extremely wide range of regional standards. The Consolidated pilot valves are the only non-flowing modulating pilot with adjustable blowdown control, along with a self-cleaning pilot seat that is favorable to harsh services with icing and/or debris; giving Consolidated the reputation as “BEST UNDER PRESSURE”.

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