BIANCA butterfly valve DN 32-900

The production of viscose fibre from wood cellulose requires the use of chemicals for the pulping process. This represents an ideal application for the PTFE lined butterfly valve, Bianca. Thanks to its superior technical features and both, excellent primary and long-lasting secondary shaft sealing, tightness is guaranteed for the entire lifetime in all directions.

Teflon lined centric butterfly valve for corrosive fluids and high-purity applications. Designed and manufactured for over 20 years in Switzerland, Bianca is built for long-lasting use in highly demanding media and environments up to 16 bar.

The extremely versatile and reliable butterfly valve is available with a ductile iron body and a stainless steel body as wafer, lug or U-section body type. Thanks to the range of conductive disc and liner materials, it can also be used in explosive environments. High-purity, LABS-free and ATEX versions are available.

Liner materials: PTFE, PTFE conductive, Ultraflon®, Ultraflon® conductive, UltraleneTM.

Disc materials: PFA, PFA conductive, Stainless steel, Hastelloy, Duplex, the full metal discs available mechanically polished Ra < 0.8, Stainless steel electro polished Ra < 0.4 / Fe < 1%.

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