Big actuators ready for Midia Gas development project

Paladon systems announce that it is going to release the two Pneumatic Linear Spring to Open Actuators (Model PNL-420-20106-SRO3XFR (1000) & PNL-360-11309-SRO2XFQ (915)). 
With their height of 5,40 meters and 3,70 meters, they are some of the biggest ever realized in the plant of Borgonovo Val Tidone, Italy.
These Actuators, which are installed on control panels with Volume Filter Boosters, Solenoid Valves, and Smart Positioners, will be installed in the Romanian Black Sea for the Midia Gas Development Onshore Project, managed by Black Sea Oil & Gas S.R.L. Company.
They will operate on Gate Valves supplied by Valland SpA.
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