Bolted seat design in titanium

FCx Orton, the maker of triple eccentric metal seated valves, has unveiled a bolted body using stainless steel. Dow has already specified the new design in applications with a significant order for its joint venture with Cargill in Blaire, Nebraska. It required the use of titanium grade 2 for the valve body but opted for the new FCx Orton solution, which allowed an even more durable titanium grade 5 to be used for the seat. This gave them a corrosion-resistant, highly durable solution. The bolted seat in the body is an important feature required for applications where abrasive fluids, corrosive media, high cycles or thermal stresses may cause damage to the sealing components (body seat and disc seal ring). In addition the new feature revolutionises the choice of seat materials by overcoming the previous restriction to those only compatible for welding to the base body material. This development makes the valve suitable for longer service, allowing the complete replacement of both body seat and disc seal ring on site. The seat is firmly retained in position in the body by a retainer flange secured by a consistent number of reaction screws. A static gasket prevents back leakage. With this design solution, maintenance activities are simplified and no specialist tools or special inclined machining are required.

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