Bonomi introduces industrial automated wafer ball valve

Bonomi’s new direct-mount ANSI Class 150 automated wafer ball valve packages reduce cost, weight, and space in industrial applications. The Bonomi 723/724 Series wafer ball valve, due to its compact size, uses less steel, which equals lower cost. The valve’s unique seat, made of TFM with a special, grooved flex design allows for the use of smaller, more compact and efficient Valbia actuators. The resulting factory-assembled packages save space within the industrial plant system while reducing installation costs and materials, such as pipe supports.

Standard valve features of the new Bonomi 723/724 Series wafer valves include: Direct mount ANSI Class 150 wafer-style flanged body; Stainless or carbon steel cast bodies; 17-4 PH stem, three times stronger than 316; Full port, sizes 1″ to 4″; Temperature range -4°F to +366°F; Anti-static stem device; Dual O-ring FKM (Viton) stem seals; ISO 5211 mounting pad; Low torque operation.

The Valbia pneumatic actuator comes with a hard-anodized aluminum body, and powder coated end caps. In addition, all Valbia pneumatic actuators are standardly furnished with elevated temperature seals to 302°F. The patented side loaded limit stops never enter the piston chamber eliminating extra possible leak paths.

The Valbia VBM series metal actuator housing is made from die-cast aluminum, and standardly features dual voltage, two extra limit switches, a heater and thermostat, a torque limiter, dual ISO patterns, female star drive, a high-profile dome position indicator, 1/2″ conduit connections, and a 75% duty cycle motor. The actuator is NEMA 4 rated. Options include positioning boards, battery backups, or a combination of the two. Series 723/724 packages are also available with Valbia VB Series actuator featuring an impact-resistant technopolymer housing.

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