Bonomi introduces lead-free ball valve packages

Bonomi North America has introduced a new range of lead-free, three-way, direct mount brass ball valve packages with a choice of factory-installed electric or pneumatic actuators. The valves are approved under the NSF standard 61/372 for potable water use. 
The low-torque ball valves are available in both “T” and “L” configurations in sizes ¼” through 3”. The “T” port with its four-seated design provides straight-through flow, diversion, and complete shut-off capability. The “L” port is also four seated, allowing the use of any port as an entry.
The valves feature lead-free forged brass bodies that are stronger and lighter than typical sand-cast bodies. Standard chrome-plated balls and blowout proof stems, PTFE seats and double O-ring stem seals assure leak-free service. The maximum working pressure is 400 WOG. They are 100% electronically tested in the open and closed position at 80 PSI.
Actuator choices include: Valbia pneumatic actuator with a hard-anodized aluminum body, powder-coated end caps, elevated temperature seals (to 302F) and patented side-loaded limit stops that eliminate leak paths. Valbia VBM electric actuator with NEMA 4 die-cast aluminum housing, raised position indicator, two extra limit switches, a heater and thermostat, ½” conduit connections and a 75% duty cycle motor. Valbia VB electric actuator with NEMA 4, 4X technopolymer housing, two extra limit switches, a heater and thermostat, torque limiter, special manual override, and a 75% duty cycle motor. Valbia mini VB010 electric actuator which provides the smallest total envelope size, quiet operation, and easy install. The 30” pigtail allows installation without disassembling the housing.
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