BP opts for Omega valves

Omega Completion Technology has recieved an award from BP to supply its Command Activated Sandface valves for the Clair Ridge project west of Shetland. Production of the 4 1/2in valves is under way, with delivery scheduled for February 2012. According to Omega, placing the Sandface valves in the open hole sections allows the operator to sequentially clean up from the toe to the heel of the well. This offers a higher sweep of the reserves by allowing clean-up in stages instead of opening up all zones and flowing from the start.
No well intervention is needed to open the valves as they are programmed on the surface, says Omega, and Rig costs therefore can be kept down, due to a reduction in operations time and potential hazardous operations. Omega has developed a high pressure variant that allows high pressure fracing operations to be conducted after initial clean-up of the well.
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