Bundor Valve CEO awarded Outstanding Entrepreneur

In December 2018, Mr. Xia Xuchao, The Chairman of Bundor Valve was invited to attend the ceremony of memorizing the pioneers of industrial and brand building field under the ‘40th anniversary of Reform and Opening Policy’, co-organized by the Institute of Management and Science Research, ‘Business Observation’ Magazine and China Electronic Commerce Association Brand Case Research Institute.

The participants of the ceremony included the National People’s Congress, the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, leaders of relevant state ministries, famous economists, business leaders, brand experts and outstanding representatives from various industries.

The CEO of Bundor Valve, Mr.Xia Xuchao, has been awarded as the ‘Outstanding Entrepreneur under the 40 years of Reform and Opening Policy’ Bundor Valve Technology Co. Ltd has been awarded as the ‘Leading Enterprise under the 40 years of Reform and Opening Policy’.

Mr. Xia Xuchao, Chairman of Bundor Valve, was interviewed by CCTV News Center, he described the development of Bundor valve under the wave of reform and opening up policy and the innovative breakthroughs as well as the outstanding achievements made in last 24 years.

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