Bürkert offers multi-functional valve solutions

The major challenges in the fluid connections of valves and sensors in the process industry include planning and installation of simple, cost-effective and leak-free piping, with minimal installation space. With its innovative modular valve body concept, Bürkert offers plant engineering planners, piping manufacturers and installers a solution that can make conventional piping superfluous.
In the modular block system based on the valve type 2000 INOX, the valve bodies are connected with each other by means of connecting rods. The system significantly reduces assembly time and, through elimination of potential leaks, reduction of material and minimization of space, the use of the multi-functional blocks noticeably improves overall system performance. The blocks can be used for the space-saving implementation of central basic functions, such as distributing, collecting and mixing systems, as well as the integration of sensors, filters and non-return valves.
In the system based on the valve types ELEMENT and CLASSIC using DN20 and DN25, several valve bodies are joined to form a block by means of an orbital welding process (TIG). The dimensions of the valve bodies are designed so that conventional orbital electrode holders can be used. The welded body makes this valve solution extremely robust and compact. The bodies can be combined with all standard Bürkert actuators, which in turn can be used together with a position indicator or positioner. In addition, it is possible to integrate sensors for measuring flow rate, temperature or pressure.

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