Bürkert steam valves to improve desktop autoclaves

Desktop autoclaves are extremely useful for providing quick, reliable sterilisation for small implements when space is at a premium. Traditionally these machines have been expensive and high maintenance; however, through the reliability of Bürkert’s solenoid valve range, MDS Medical Ltd has changed the status-quo to offer high performance, low maintenance desktop autoclaves at reasonable prices.

The particular model concerned incorporates two Bürkert Type 6014 brass bodied 3/2 way miniature solenoid valves and a single Type 6013 2/2 way normally closed valve and is part of the 8 to 12 litre range – ideal for tattoo and chiropody businesses.

The Bürkert Model 6014 3/2-way miniature solenoid valve with threaded ports is a general service, direct acting solenoid valve with a brass body for use with neutral gases and liquids, or stainless steel body for more difficult or slightly aggressive fluids.

Bürkert single Type 6013 2/2 way is a direct acting solenoid valve system with brass body. It is ideal for neutral gases and liquids such as compressed air, natural gas, water and hydraulic oil & Technical vacuum.

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