Burkert valves for food and pharmaceutical compani

The Element Type 8802 clean line range of diaphragm valves is being used by food and pharmaceutical companies as it is designed to prevent the ingress of moisture in the valve actuator’s head — stopping corrosion and the growth of biological contamination.

The valves feature integrated controllers and are manufactured from stainless steel.
Integrated pilot valves can be operated manually and, for each operation, clean and dry control air is flushed into all parts of the actuator — ensuring that ambient air is not drawn into voids such as spring chambers. According to the company, this extends the reliability and life of the device.

A small amount of clean air is also diverted into the control head to maintain a slight positive pressure. This is because changes in control head pressure can lead to moisture penetration, especially after a wash-down cleaning process, which can damage the electronics.

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