Bürkert’s motor-driven disc valves

Bürkert offers several motor-driven disc valves in its process and control valves range. Bürkert‘s disc valves include type 3275 2/2 way motor valve, in the shut-off range, and the type 3285 2/2 way proportional valve (also motor-driven).

The Type 3275 is a direct-acting and general purpose motor valve for shut-off, used as a regulating unit in control loops. A stepper motor actuator drives the disc valve, which is incorporated in a compact and robust housing. The integrated electronics simplify the process integration, negating the need for additional actuation modules. The drive shaft shifts a very smooth ceramic disc over a second fixed ceramic disc, which is simultaneously the valve seat, and by turning the ceramic disc the valve opens.

The Type 3285 direct-acting proportional valve is used for the dosing of liquids and gases in closed or open control loops. This disc type check valve features a stepper motor as the actuator. Again, minimal power consumption is required for opening and closing, providing a highly efficient and green solution. The Type 3285 is available as a standard ON/OFF or proportional valve, as a version with integrated positioner, and as a version with integrated process controller.

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