Bürkert’s solenoid control valves and controllers

Bürkert has developed a complete range of general purpose solenoid control valves and controllers.

Solenoid control valves are electromagnetic plunger valves that control flow rates of liquids or gases. They open with certain stroke positions, dependent on the valve control signal. The latest solenoid control valves ensure noise-free operation, sensitivity, and long life.

The direct-acting Type 2871 general purpose solenoid control valve is used as the regulating unit in control loops. An elastomeric seat seal enables an integrated shut-off function that keeps the valve closed tight. The Type 2871 is particularly suitable for demanding control tasks.

The direct-acting Type 6223 general purpose solenoid control valve can be used for the control of larger flow quantities.

The space saving Type 8611 controller is designed for compact control system applications. It is compatible with all Bürkert proportional valves and sensors, and can be connected with every non-Bürkert Control valve with a standard signal.

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