Burns Controls offers Ceram™ pneumatic control valves

Burns Controls is proud to offer the Ceram™ Pneumatic Directional Control Valves for industries that demand tough valves for longer lasting life in harsh operating environments.

The AVENTICS Ceram 4-way pneumatic directional control valves are subbase mounted in single or manifold configurations. The valves have ISO 5599/1 mounting dimensions, so they are interchangeable with other ISO 5599/1 valves. They are available in ISO sizes 1, 2, 3 and 4, with port sizes from ¼“ to 1“ NPTF and ISO G (BSPP). Inside the Ceram valve, there is a pair of sliding ceramic plates that form a near perfect, almost indestructible seal. The near diamond hard plates wipe themselves clean, shrugging off ingested dirt that destroys ordinary valves. Unlike most spool valves, the Ceram valve doesn’t stick. The ceramic plates are warranted for the life of the valve. Choose from solenoid or air pilot operation, two or three-position (closed center or exhaust open center) operation, even dual-pressure and vacuum operation if needed.

Everything pipes directly into the base, even remote piloted air signals. That makes it easy to add accessories like flow controls or a regulator, or even a maintenance plate that allows a valve to be serviced while the other valves on the manifold operate.

The Ceram valve are very prevalent in industries where ordinary valves just don’t last. These industries include tire plants, foundries, paper mills, steel plants, concrete batch plants, sawmills, plywood and board plants, automotive assembly, glass manufacturers, smelters, rubber and plastics, sheet metal fabrication, etc. Plus, they work great in more normal applications/environments.

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