CALEFFI high-performance LEGIOMIX flanged

The high-performance LEGIOMIX® digital mixing valve for commercial domestic hot water (DHW) temperature control is now available with ANSI 150 flanges in sizes 2½” for 17 to 470 GPM flow rate and 3” for 22 to 537 GPM. The valve delivers the highest flow in the industry in a single valve compared to multiple valves in parallel. The 3” flanged LEGIOMIX is the first DHW control valve in North America that provides a maximum flow rate of over 500 GPM. The new flanged sizes complement the existing NPT, press and sweat union connections.

LEGIOMIX is an advanced point-of-distribution “master” electronic mixing valve that automatically self-cleans to prevent scale formation. Thermal disinfection is accomplished by selectable automatic scheduling. The easy to use digital interface includes data logging, alarming and status indication with optional Modbus-to-BACnet gateway for BAS integration.

“The flanged LEGIOMIX valve has been sold for many years around the globe and is now made to meet the requirements of NSF/ANSI 372. We are excited to bring it to North America,” said Kevin Freidt, director of product management and technical support.

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