Cameron redesigns nozzle check valve

Cameron has re-designed its ENTECH DRV-BN Nozzle Check Valve. The DRV-BN is the newest large-bore addition to Cameron’s valve portfolio. By combining a modular approach with an improved quality of casting, the DRV-BN supports customization to any specific service condition as well as on-site re-configuration should flow changes occur over time. The single coil spring is an inexpensive and simple maintenance solution. The disc is shaft-supported for a perfect disc-to-seat alignment in all installation conditions. The design incorporates a weight-saving annular design which aids in response time to flow fluctuations and wear resistance. The DRV-BN also represents a significant step forward in terms of the fluid dynamics related to ENTECH’s high flow coefficients and top-class axial design. These features help the valve reduce operating costs. The ENTECH DRV-BN and the smaller bore DRV-Z represent a technically flexible and economically ideal solution for back flow prevention and protection of critical equipment. Both are ideal for applications where minimal pressure losses are essential, such as compressor stations and gas facilities, pump and wellhead injection plants, water distribution and treatment, tank storage and power plants.

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