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Our Featured articles are long reads that require more reading time than our news articles. In this section, you can find our cover stories, compelling content featuring prominent manufacturers, end-user interview with valve experts around the world, in-depth technical articles and interesting project reports from various industries, ranging from oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical to power generation, pharmaceuticals and food and beverage industries.

Ball valves for gas pipelines

The ARMATURY Group has a track-record in successfully supplying valves to North Africa. Recently, for example, ball valves together weighing over 400 tons were shipped to Algeria for use in a gas pipeline.

Actuator regulates flow at compression station

When slow speed frictions at a compression station caused a loss of air pressure a need arose to modulate the pressure throughout the network and control the direction of gas flow.

Meeting the demands of steam isolation

This case history shows how replacement valves in a high pressure steam application have reduced the previous maintenance spend in a power plant to zero.

Bitten by the valve bug

Valve World recently sat down for an Interview with Greg Whitaker who, whilst just in his early thirties, has already amassed a vast amount of knowledge of isolation, control and pressure relief valves.

Butterfly valve for fire protection

The KSB Group might not issue many reports about its fire-fighting products and services, but when it does then it is worth taking notice. Just recently for example the company announced it had developed a butterfly valve specially geared to the needs of fire-fighting systems.

Fighting fake products together

Counterfeit and fraudulent products pose a serious threat to human life, the environment, industry and legitimate businesses that miss out on revenue vital to support jobs, research, and innovation. An important new initiative shows how reputable manufacturers can put aside their competitive differences to fight the problem together.

Cryogenic valve testing – what are the shortcomings?

The names of Neeraj Batra and Hitoshi Suzuki will be well-known to the Valve World community as they regularly contribute articles looking at the use of valves in the LNG industry. Their most recent discussion is on valve testing and raises questions about the applicability of available standards.

Using bellow seal valves to cut costs

Bellow seal valves are often specified for applications where hazardous or toxic materials need to be contained. However, they can also make economic sense when used in steam systems, argues Rajesh K. Salins, Managing Director, Belloseal India.

Oil and gas opportunities in the Middle East

Whilst the news making the headline from the Middle East can be unsettling to say the least, on the business front there seems to be a very encouraging number of projects announced, awarded or underway. Valve World has taken a look at some of the larger projects in the oil and gas sector.

Solving cavitation in globe valves

Cavitation, as a type of erosion, is known as the most important operational problem for globe valves. Valve engineer Karan Sotoodeh looks at the causes of cavitation and suggests solutions to mitigate or avoid cavitation in manual globe valves.