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“Innovation and an open mind are essential”

As the Valve World Southeast Asia Expo & Conference approaches, we're having closer interactions with end users and EPC companies from Southeast Asia.

LNG goes off the boil, but long-term prospects are good

A mild winter has allayed fears of an energy crunch, but with the war in Ukraine dragging on, the future is still uncertain.

Gasket sealability test results in line with new Air Quality Control act

TA-Luft can be regarded as ‘rule’ for allowed fugitive emissions: a list of media which either are dangerous to the environment and human.

Technical characteristics of Emergency Shutdown valves

As critical units in a Safety Instrumented System, Emergency Shutdown valves are widely utilised in oil, gas, and chemical processing facilities.

Development of liquefied H2 valves: Next-generation energy to achieve carbon neutrality

The storage and transportation of liquefied hydrogen presents many potential hazards, such as leakage and external heat input, that place unique demands on valve designs.

CIRCOR International enters definitive agreement

CIRCOR International, Inc. has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by investment funds managed by KKR.

Asset management of industrial valves – Part 6

What are the important issues for deciding on the end of life of industrial valves and choosing the removal, renovation or replacement approach?

REXA Inc.: recognizing the importance of the actuator

Actuators are not often thought of as a highly critical aspect of a process control system. Rexa shows the importance of the actuator.

Electric actuation with the speed and reliability of pneumatics

Maintaining complex systems in the OEM industry can oftentimes be a challenge, particularly when something goes wrong

Low-CO2 desalination plant for Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s Mirfa 2 Reverse Osmosis Seawater Desalination Project will be the UAE’s third largest low-carbon intensive RO plant.