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Industry news in the valve and actuation sector serves as a vital information reservoir that keeps various stakeholders — including manufacturers, distributors, end-users, and industry analysts — abreast of the latest developments, innovations, and trends shaping the landscape.

The industry news category within the valve and actuation sector encompasses a wide array of updates including technological advancements, market trends, regulatory changes, project announcements, and organizational developments among others. This category is quintessential in helping professionals navigate the dynamic and competitive environment of the valve and actuation industry.

KOMC improves operations through ISO certifications

KOMC collaborates with key players in Kuwait's upstream and downstream markets, backed by crucial ISO certifications on their journey to excellence.

GAIN supports SFEG in its acquisition of Climax

Gladstone Investment Corporation (GAIN) supports SFEG's acquisition of CPMT, including Climax, with additional debt and equity capital.

SICK and Endress+Hauser to intensify cooperation

German sensor company SICK and Swiss measurement and automation technology specialist Endress+Hauser want to intensify their cooperation.

Proserv and SMS launch joint sampling service centre

Proserv and SMS, experts in sand and erosion monitoring and management, launch a Sampling Service Centre at SMS's facility in KSB, Terengganu, Malaysia.

InflowControl optimizes oil production

InflowControl, a production optimization solutions provider, completes initial installations of the AICV® with an independent operator in Malaysia.

Svanehøj develops marine pump unit for LNG fuel

Amid the strong demand for LNG-fueled vessels, marine pump specialist Svanehøj introduces a compact, high-pressure pump solution for two-stroke engines.

GF Piping Systems & Xi’an Sunresin announce cooperation

GF Piping Systems reinforces its seven-year partnership with Xi'an Sunresin to drive innovation and progress in the salt lake lithium extraction industry.

ANDRITZ acquires NAF valve business

International technology group ANDRITZ has signed an agreement with Flowserve Corporation based in Texas, USA, to take over its NAF AB business.

Syveco launches a brand-new website

Syveco, a master stockist in the industrial valve sector, is thrilled to unveil its brand-new website which aims to enhance its customers' experience.

Pennsylvania American Water to build WTP

Utility company Pennsylvania American Water and local officials brakes ground on a new water treatment plant in East Vincent Township, Chester County, US.

Industry News

In the ever-evolving landscape of the valve and actuation industry, the role of timely and comprehensive industry news cannot be overstated. Serving as the nexus of vital information, industry news acts as a guiding beacon for stakeholders at every level, offering insights into market trends, technological advancements, and regulatory shifts that shape the industry’s trajectory. From unveiling innovative product launches to analyzing market dynamics and spotlighting seminal projects, industry news is an indispensable tool in navigating the complex and dynamic world of valve and actuation technology. As industries transition towards a future marked by digitalization and sustainability, staying updated with the latest industry news ensures that professionals remain at the forefront of developments, fostering growth, innovation, and collaboration in a sector central to modern infrastructure and technology.

The industry news category serves as a central hub that amalgamates various types of information critical to the valve and actuation industry. It fosters a well-informed community, promotes knowledge sharing, and facilitates strategic decision-making, thus playing a pivotal role in steering the industry towards growth and innovation. Keeping abreast of industry news helps stakeholders adapt to the rapidly evolving industry landscape and seize emerging opportunities.