Innovations and solutions

The latest product introductions and innovations in the global valve and actuation industry. Keep up-to-date with all product launches that are geared towards an array of end-user markets, ranging from oil/gas, food to renewable energy (hydrogen, CCS etc.)

Asahi/America announces new T-342 diaphragm valve

Asahi/America, Inc. now offers T-342 diaphragm valves with optional sanitary adapter end connectors.

IMI Critical Engineering develops EroSolve MMT

Self-cleaning metamorphic trim products stand to alleviate expensive control valve failures caused by erosion from processing debris-laden products, says an industry expert.

Emerson launches pressure-reducing regulator

Emerson has launched a pressure-reducing regulator specially designed for use onboard commercial hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Additive manufacturing service to disrupt MRO market

The use of additive manufacturing has the potential to revolutionise in-field control valve maintenance

AVT launches the EZ Valve in Italy

Insertion Valve technology is introduced to Italy via a new strategic partnership between Advanced Valve Technologies (AVT) and Nova Siria & Idroambiente.

Klinger Fluid Control launches new ball valves

With the Monoball KHO, Klinger Fluid Control is launching a new, even more, robust ball valve.

CSA releases a new technology

CSA is proud to release the first maintenance free PRV on the market, available with piston and membrane.

Stamicarbon signs agreement in Pennsylvania

Stamicarbon has signed an agreement for a feasibility study with KeyState Natural Gas Synthesis, to become its Urea & DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) technology licensor.

Trelleborg launches Tran SECURE™

Trelleborg launches the Tran-SECURE™ Fluid Sealing Management Program to provide the Americas’ chemical transportation market with immediate availability of components critical to the maintenance and repair of railcars.

James Walker introduces Supagraf HT valve stem packing

James Walker has developed and tested a unique high-performance packing ring set suitable for critical valves handling ultra-high temperatures as well as chemically aggressive and corrosive media such as molten salt.