Instrumentation in the valve and actuation industry refers to the array of tools, devices, and systems utilized to monitor, regulate, and control the functioning of valves and actuators within various industrial setups. This category serves as an essential guide and repository of knowledge pertaining to the instrumentation segment of the industry.

The instrumentation category encapsulates the vast and intricate world of devices and systems that facilitate the precise control and monitoring of valves and actuators. In the modern industry landscape, instrumentation extends beyond mere control to encompass diagnostics, analytics, and integration with advanced automation systems. These instruments are crucial in ensuring the efficiency, safety, and optimal performance of valve and actuator assemblies in various industries including oil and gas, power generation, water treatment, and more.

Double Block and Bleed from Anderson Greenwood

Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation Products has extended its range of compact Double Block and Bleed valves.

Automated titanium dioxide production

Huntsman Tioxide’s new USD 70-million ICON 2 plant at Greatham near Hartlepool, Teesside, will automate titanium dioxide production using PlantWeb® field-based architecture from Fisher-Rosemount, the process-management business of Emerson.

Miniature valves and manifolds from Parker Hannifi

Parker Hannifin has launched a new range of miniature stainless steel needle valves and manifolds for fluid instrumentation applications.

Industrial power plant for Finland

Foster Wheeler Energia Oy, has won a turnkey contract from Aanevoima Oy to supply an industrial power plant for Metsa-Serla Aanekoski mills in central Finland. More…

Hoke appoints Sales Manager

Norman Yates has been appointed UK Sales Manager of Hoke International, part of the new Circor Instrumentation Group Europe.

Honeywell to supply Qatar project

The Industrial Control (IC) business of Honeywell has won contracts totalling more than USD 10 million for the Q-Chem project in Qatar.

Parker acquires Ives Valves

Parker Instrumentation has acquired Ives Valves, an international manufacturer of industrial flow control technology.

Honeywell trades through Industria

Honeywell Industrial Controls plans to sell relevant instrumentation and electrical equipment via process industry e-marketplace Industria Solutions. More…

Technip in Qatar upgrade

Qatar General Petroleum Corporation (QGPC) has awarded Technip a contract for upgrading the control systems of two NGL trains located at Mesaieed.

Technip wins two contracts

Albchem Industries has awarded Technip, through its affiliate Krebs-Speichim, an equipment supply contract for a grassroot sodium chlorate production facility to be located near Virden, Manitoba, Canada.


The instrumentation segment within the valve and actuation industry remains at the forefront of fostering efficiency, safety, and innovation in various industrial landscapes. Acting as the central nervous system of valve operations, instrumentation encompasses an ever-evolving array of technologies and tools designed to optimize, control, and monitor valve and actuator functions. From sensor technologies facilitating real-time monitoring to advanced diagnostic tools paving the way for predictive maintenance, this category highlights the industry’s strides towards integrating intelligent solutions in contemporary infrastructures.

As we steer into a future marked by Industry 4.0, the realm of instrumentation stands as a testament to human ingenuity, continually redefining the paradigms of operational excellence and safety. The instrumentation category serves not just as a repository of the latest developments, but also as a beacon, guiding professionals towards adopting more sustainable, efficient, and integrated approaches in valve and actuation management. By staying tuned to the advancements in this category, stakeholders can navigate the complexities of modern industrial ecosystems with informed perspectives, harnessing the full potential of instrumentation in driving growth and innovation in the valve and actuation industry.

Instrumentation in the valve and actuation industry serves as the nerve center of modern industrial operations, fostering precision, efficiency, and safety. As technology evolves, the category promises to bring forth more advanced and integrated solutions, paving the way for smarter, more sustainable, and safer industrial environments. Keeping abreast with developments in this category equips industry professionals with the knowledge and tools to leverage the full potential of modern valve and actuator systems.