CCI receives order for pipeline valves from China

CCI has received an order from China Petroleum Technology and Development Corp. for 24 flow control and pressure reducing valves to be installed at the Lanchengyu pipeline in China. These valves range in size from 4 to 12 inches with flow ranges up to 4623 GPM (1050 m3/h), design pressures up to 2175psi at temperatures from –68 to 122 degrees F. These valves, which incorporate CCI’s advanced DRAG technology design, will eliminate the problems of cavitation, noise, erosion and vibration by controlling fluid kinetic energy. This is done through the advanced design of the DRAG disk stack that controls fluid velocities by forcing the fluid through a series of right angle turns. These turns are scientifically calculated to achieve low fluid velocities consistent with Jinglong Pipeline’s application needs.

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