CCI to supply Qafco plant expansion

A USD 1 million dollar USD order for a severe service and conventional valve package has been awarded to CCI by UHDE GmbH. The order, which includes anti-surge, gas to flare and HP steam valves is for Qatar Fertiliser Company’s Qafco 4 ammonia plant expansion. The anti-surge valves range in size up to 6in x 24in, with design pressures up to 3335 psi, with temperatures up to 500 F. The flare valve ranges in sizes up to 14in, with design pressures up to 3335 psi (230 bar), and temperatures up to 536 F (280 C). Other valves include gas to flare, ammonia letdown, flash gas, steam to silencer and boiler feedwater. Many of these valves, which incorporate CCI’s DRAG® technology design, will eliminate the problems of cavitation, noise, erosion and vibration by controlling fluid kinetic energy. This is done through the advanced design of the DRAG® disk stack that controls fluid velocities by forcing the fluid through a series of right angle turns. These turns will be scientifically calculated to achieve low fluid velocities consistent with future ammonia plant’s needs.

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