CEIR Congress 2015

On 13 June 2015, Pascal Vinzio was elected CEIR President for the period 2015-2017 together with a new Board and a new Secretary General. CEIR also welcomed a new member: SEDAL.
The CEIR General Assembly met on 13 June 2015 on the occasion of the CEIR Congress, hosted by its British member BMA in Harrogate (UK). “After two intensive years, it is now time to pass on the baton to my designated successor: Pascal Vinzio. However, I will remain very active in the Board as well as in various working groups. I would like to warmly thank the members for their support. It has been a great honour to represent the European taps and valves industry over the last two years”, said the outgoing President Klaus Schneider.
Pascal Vinzio, representing the French association Profluid, was elected as the new CEIR President. He is Research and Innovation Manager for valves at KSB Group, but he is also deeply involved in valve work with PROFLUID, CETIM, LRCCP, UNM, CEN and ISO. He has been active in the CEIR Board for many years and also chairs the CEIR Industrial & Building Valves Technical Committee. He praised the former President for his close involvement and tremendous work over the past two years. He promised that “the new Board will encourage more actors to take part in CEIR discussions, strengthen the taps and valves industry voice at European level and build up relationships with worldwide partners. Last, but not least, CEIR should continue to support taps and valves industry interests and achieve concrete results.”
CEIR also welcomed new members on its Board, namely Antonio Pardal (Agrival, Spain), Benoit Smagghe (Profluid, France) and Marco Caleffi (AVR, Italy), whilst Maurizio Brancaleoni (AVR, Italy) and Frédéric Segault (Profluid, France) stepped down. Ugo Pettinaroli (AVR, Italy) – who chairs the CEIR Marketing & Communication Committee – was elected 1st Vice President.
In addition, CEIR members nominated a new Secretary General: Anne Claire Rasselet. Finally, CEIR members endorsed the membership application of a Spanish company. SEDAL Group is a leading global manufacturer of components for the faucet and sanitary industry. Founded in 1984, SEDAL is active in over 40 countries around the world. Its product portfolio includes critical faucet components such as ceramic mixing cartridges, headworks, thermostatic cartridges, flexible connections and diverters.

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