Celeros FT’s new CFT-Green Valve packing system

Celeros FT’s new CFT-Green Valve Packing System is an innovative way to reduce fugitive emissions and protect against product loss so you can operate productively and with utmost safety.

Leakage around pipeline valves can have catastrophic consequences on the environment, people, and your bottom line. Minimizing fugitive emissions is essential to reducing fines, improving safety, and operating efficiently: ultimately enabling you to operate more sustainably and save costs.

The new CFT-Green Valve Packing System can help do just that. The sealing system has been specially engineered to provide superior and long-lasting performance.

The novel design of the CFT-Green is based on a stem spring loaded seal mechanism, which provides high performance and delivers outstanding reliability with minimal maintenance. The clever spring design in the CFT-Green applies constant pressure on the sealing element, ensuring a tight and robust seal even under extreme conditions. Additionally, the force from the spring helps to maintain the correct compression levels during the seal’s long lifetime, which reduces the need for maintenance and associated costs.

The packing materials have exceptional resistance to high temperatures and pressures and can withstand both harsh environments and corrosive fluids, therefore delivering a durable solution.

CFT-Green provides an effective sealing solution for valves in the oil and gas, chemical, and power generation industries. It is ideal for critical or frequently cycled operations, as well as valves that are only occasionally used or those that are in remote locations. It is available in many sizes to best suit the application.

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