Centre for valve diagnostics and training

Emerson Process Management has established a Fisher valve performance diagnostics laboratory and customer training facility at its manufacturing base in Cernay, France. The process simulation flow loops available use PlantWeb digital plant architecture, which allows interrogation of control valves and flowmeters, plus other instrumentation, linked by open communications standards that include both Hart and Foundation fieldbus technology, and monitored using one of the three DeltaV process automation control consoles installed on site.
The training system also includes the AMS ValveLink VL2000 LoopScanner software, to enable training on performance monitoring and diagnostic procedures, used to identify valve performance problems caused by wear, and to identify causes of process control variability – without removing the valves or sensors from the operating process loop.This enables Fisher technicians to demonstrate valve operability tests and loop variability calculations. This therefore simulates what can be done on a real plant to monitor asset performance degradation through the digital network, and to enable planning of offline maintenance only when it is required.
The centre is open for use by all European customers of Emerson Process Management who could benefit from such training. It is one of many Emerson Process Management training centres available across Europe.

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