Clarke Valve Completes Maximum Certification Level for

Clarke Valve™, an OGCI Climate Investments portfolio company, announced that its proprietary Shutter Valve™ has successfully completed the maximum certification level of 100,000 mechanical cycles and achieved the minimum allowable fugitive emissions, during independent testing for ISO 15848-1:2015 certification.

Under ISO 15848-1, control valves must cycle from 40% open to 60% open, while meeting one of the tightness class ratings for methane leakage: tightness class CM signifies allowable leakage of ≤ 500 parts per million by volume (ppmv); BM is for ≤ 100 ppmv; and AM is the world’s most stringent standard for methane leakage, at ≤ 50 ppmv.

One of the other key ratings addressed by ISO 15848-1 is reliability, as measured by the endurance class that a control valve can surpass, while maintaining a CM tightness class or better: endurance class CC1 signifies 20,000 mechanical cycles completed; CC2 is for 60,000 mechanical cycles; and CC3 is the highest endurance threshold under ISO 15848-1, at 100,000 cycles.

Owing to its unique design, the Shutter Valve is one of the few control valves to qualify for both ISO 15848-1 and API 641 certification, as confirmed through independent testing by Yarmouth Research and Technology, LLC. API 641 is the American Petroleum Institute’s fugitive emissions standard for quarter-turn valves, which is the category of valve the Shutter Valve belongs to and is the most common category of the valve in use today.

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