ClassOne unveils new drain block

ClassOne Equipment will display its new manifold valve products at Semicon Europa. The new manifold valves are made exclusively for ClassOne Equipment by Gemű, and directly replace the original Semitool drain valve manifolds on Spray Solvent Tools (SST) and Spray Acid Tools (SAT). Based on Gemű’s highly successful C50 iComLine actuators, seats and seals, these valves are packaged to fit the dimensions and configuration of the existing tools.

All wetted parts of these valves are fabricated using TFMTM (PTFE) and include Kalrez O-rings for superior performance and chemical resistance. External operator parts are made from polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). Shipments of the 6-way drain or 8-way drain valve manifold configurations will commence in October. Other configurations will follow as customer needs dictate.
“The new valve manifold provides superior performance and longevity over existing replacement valves”, said Kevin Witt, vice president of Technology. “As a result of our work with Gemű, we are offering the most robust and reliable valve on the market for SSTs. With over 2,500 tools sold by ClassOne Equipment around the world, we can leverage our mature market channel to provide these critical parts to any customer at a very competitive price and provide exemplary support and customer-first service.”
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