Compact valves are fully flushable

Lee Products has extended its LFV series of chemically inert solenoid valves to include a flange mount version which enables them to be grouped together very closely on 13mm centres. The position of the flange, which is angled at 30 degrees to the ports, facilitates the very close grouping of these valves and so minimises the overall size of manifolds.
Also, smaller, more compact manifolds means reduced costs, because less material is needed for the manifold. The valves resistance to aggressive chemicals, combined with zero dead-volume and fully flushable characteristics, makes them ideal for most liquids handling duties in critical laboratory, medical, analytical, biotechnology and OEM applications.
These valves, which operate with a two-way normally closed operation, feature bidirectional flow and contoured internal passages allowing complete flushing without damaging delicate samples. The small internal volume reduces the amount of fluid needed to fill the system (transport volume) and so minimises sample and reagent requirements.

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