ConditionALL launches monitoring of check valves!

ConditionALL is a Norwegian-based company that is specialized in condition monitoring of valves and provides valve diagnostic products and services worldwide.

The initiative for this type of monitoring came from a client and this is where we have their strength. Being a company that focuses solely on valve technology, the journey from a thought/idea/request to having a concept is short. In this case less than a week from request to a concept!

A few weeks after the “Proof of Concept” was tested at Abacus Valves International.

At the same time, ConditionALL also worked with the client testing check valves that were brought to land for maintenance. These valves will be re-tested by ConditionALL with the same new method when set back in-line offshore.

A non-intrusive and non-contact travel sensor is installed on the valve body. A small adjustment is done on the disk by the vendor/valve owner.

This way any movement will be picked up and transferred to the C-ALL software Insight.

In-situ proof testing is used to verify the integrity and functionality of equipment or systems while they are in their operating position or “in situ.” This testing method is performed without the need to remove the equipment or system from its normal operational environment or interfere with production.

The purpose of in-situ proof testing is to ensure that the equipment can perform its intended function safely and effectively. With this new sensor, the actual position is measured for the whole range 0 – 100%. Faults like slow movement, stuck, or chatter can be detected.

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