Containerised air-dive spread order for IHC Hytech

IHC Hytech, part of Royal IHC, secured an order for two innovative containerised air-dive spreads from Bluestream, an offshore and subsea company that operates in the oil and gas and renewable energy sectors. These high-quality systems consist of a containerised 1,800mm decompression chamber with a full three-dive control panel and a separate machinery container that will be modified to meet the customer’s needs.

The complete containerised air dive spread has been certified by Lloyd’s Register, as part of the increasingly stringent regulations addressed by IHC Hytech and particularly relevant to all parties involved in the surface-supplied diving industry.

IHC Hytech will supply the chambers in 20ft containers and the dive control panel with the latest available technologies in dive monitoring and layout design. It will be computerised with a remote readout and complete sensor package. The divers’ data acquisition system will be installed in a 19” rack with (among other features) two radios, inline breathing gas supply, oxygen percentage monitoring, video systems and various alarm units. The advanced equipment in the container also includes an inline air purity monitoring system with a multi-sensor gas analyser. This is specifically designed for the analysis of contaminants in compressed breathing air and offers an online analysis facility.

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