Contract renewal at Pembroke refinery

An agreement between Tyco Valves and Controls and Chevron Texaco to manage the performance of pressure relief valves at the ChevronTexaco Pembrokeshire oil refinery in the UK has improved valve reliability on site, increased the intervals between valve servicing by two-thirds, and produced cost savings on plant availability and production. The joint project has also achieved 100% valve compliancy with health and safety regulations and the Tyco contract has been now renewed for a further three years. Tyco was selected by Chevron Texaco in 1998 to instigate a root based inspection programme to ensure the reliability of pressure relief valves on site, as well as providing full time on-site coordination and spares for all 2729 pressure safety relief valves at the plant. By implementing the Tyco performance history database software the partnership has had success in collating performance history data on each valve, and scheduling an accurate valve servicing programme. The programme covers complete disassembly of each valve and inspection to OEM standards. The partnership also instigated a root cause failure analysis programme to identify the cause of valve non-conformity. This has enabled plant engineers to identify and remove problem valves, and has highlighted areas for improved installation practices in order to prevent recurrence. In addition to the valve asset management services that have been implemented, Tyco Valves and Control has provided ChevronTexaco staff with detailed guidance on safety codes and practices, and comprehensive training on pressure relief valve repair.
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