Control Southern offers assembled safety valves

Effective August 2015, Control Southern is authorized to assemble new safety relief valves.

The UV certification will enable Control Southern to improve product delivery lead times to customers by keeping safety relief valve assembly in-house. This option now allows for quick turnaround in cases where customers’ existing safety relief valve is beyond economical repair. While holding a VR Stamp for the testing and repair of ASME Section I and VIII safety and pressure relief valves since 2013, Control Southern’s Mechanical Operations Center further solidifies its customer commitment to the quality repair and assembly of all safety, manual, automated and control valves.

“By adding new assembly capability to our portfolio, we can provide a more local product sourcing option for our growing customer base,” explained Control Southern Mechanical Services Director Pete DiSanto. “Safety relief valves are an integral component of plant safety equipment, so rapid risk mitigation in the event of an emergency is particularly critical. If the safety valve a customer needs is not available in our standard inventory, we now have more flexibility to assemble in-house.”

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