Control valves with low-emission gland packing

Azbil Corporation is now selling control valves with a low-emission gland packing system that reduces the leakage of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The low-emission gland packing was tested by a leading third-party organization and was certified to have a seal performance meeting the requirements of ISO 15848-1:2015, as well as having the highest level of endurance (CC3 class) specified by the ISO standard. To be classed as CC3, Azbil’s low-emission gland packing system had to keep leakage under the specified level even after 100,000 cycles.

The low-emission gland packing system can reduce fluid leakage from control valve packing glands. It contributes to better industrial safety at sites where the foul odor is generated, or where an eye-irritating fluid is handled. By reducing the leakage of fluid used for power or for products, it improves productivity.

The system’s live-loaded packing system uses Belleville springs to continually apply the appropriate amount of force to the packing and prevent relaxation of the gland. It is especially effective for control valves that are prone to leakages, such as valves that operate frequently or valves with alternating hot and cold thermal cycles.

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