Corrosion and corrosion protection for flange connections in pipelines

By Dick Pronk

In addition to choosing the right materials, protective products like insulating sets will help to reduce corrosion. Important is that the gaskets and washers will not break or absorb any water. Corrosion can also be avoided by correct installation.

We see the consequences of corrosion in our environment daily. Brown, rusted metal parts that have not been treated well or well enough. It is even worse particularly in areas with wet or at least high humidity.
Corrosion is defined as the unwanted degradation of a material due to a chemical or electrochemical reaction with components from the environment. It immediately follows from this definition that corrosion control is aimed at prevention or at least limiting the attack as much as possible. All measures taken to combat corrosion or its consequences entail additional costs.
A lot of money is spent to prevent corrosion. But also, significant resources are spent to repair or slow down corrosion. These are direct costs but many of the costs are indirect. Think of overdesign of metal thickness or a result of cessation of production or reduction of capacity due to repair caused by corrosion.

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