Corrosion & ozone resistant compact vacuum valves

MKS Instruments Inc. has introduced a series of corrosion and ozone resistant valves, designed for longer life in extremely harsh semiconductor or solar processes. The valves feature patented technology that completely seals off the valve bellows, keeping reactive and corrosive gases such as O3, NF3 and CL2 from contacting and collecting on the bellows surface when the valve is open. The bellows-sealed poppet valve is available in angle and inline configurations, for ease of integration into new tool designs. High flow port sizes, including NW40 and NW50, use maximum internal diameters for greater conductance. For leak tight operation, elastomer seals are available in Viton® for typical vacuum operating conditions, or Kalrez®, Chemraz® or Perlast® for higher temperature conditions and increased chemical resistance. The Corrosion and ozone resistant valve is available in 6061 aluminum, and 304 and 316 stainless steel materials, to minimize corrosion. The TIG fusion welded vacuum grade body creates fewer entrapment areas, resulting in less contamination build-up. The Corrosion resistant valve is available with an air solenoid for electro-pneumatic control of the valve and a limit switch assembly for remote indication in the open or closed position. In the event of power loss, the valve will automatically close.

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