Cryogenic shut-off valves

CPC-Cryolab™ has introduced the Cryolab ES4 Series Cryogenic Valve. This bronze extended stem valve performs in cryogenic service at temperatures ranging from –400°F to +150°F. The low cost, low maintenance ES4 Series features the reliable self-centering seat plug seal design used in the CPC stainless steel series of bar stock body, bellow sealed valves.
The ES4 Series is available in 1/4” through 2” pipe sizes, with a right angle model available in 1 1/2”. Available end connections include pipe thread, silver brazed socket for copper, or brazed for Sch 10 stainless steel pipe. The body castings for all sizes incorporate an overseat boss suitable for thermal relief port tap use. The ES4 Series is designed to Pressure Class 300# (600 psi) per MSS SP-80 and production tested to MSS SP-80.
The ES4 Series is available as an automatic valve with the CPC-Cryolab™ AutoSeal diaphragm actuators. The actuators have many options available including: Pneumatic Valve Positioners, I/P Positioners and Transducers, Integrated Limit Switches, Air Filter Regulators and Solenoid Valves. The automatic valves can be supplied as On/Off or with Equal Percentage and Linear Flow Tips. Smaller, lighter, piston-style actuators are also available.

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