CSA® series direct acting pressure reducing stabilizer

The CSA® direct-acting pressure-reducing stabilizer allows for the downstream pressure regulation regardless of upstream fluctuations and changes in demand. The intermediate compensation chamber and the exclusive self-cleaning device ensure long-lasting performances and reduced maintenance. A typical installation layout should be comprehensive of isolating valves (Uniwat 504), Y strainers (Uniwat 630W) and Air Valves (CSA FOX) and bypass line for proper maintenance operations should be allowed. The water network requires correct pressure management before distribution and CSA Series VRCD are the best in this job.

Available versions include Pressure Reducing and Sustaining valves with piston, with the diaphragm, the threaded version in stainless steel and fabricated design for higher pressures. Our engineering department can provide support for sizing and selection including criteria on cavitation, noise and hydraulic parametres.

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