Cutting tool training pays dividends at Pneumatrol

Lancashire-based Pneumatrol held an intense training session provided by WNT (UK) for its staff.

To ensure that it meets the demands of its global customer base Pneumatrol has a policy of ongoing training as an integral part of its business model. During a review of its machining processes it came to light that much of the application knowledge of the older skilled setters needed updating, and concerns were raised that the younger apprentices were not being taught the best way to utilise modern cutting tools. The solution was to work with WNT (UK) to provide up to date knowledge of cutting data for all staff responsible for programming and setting the various turning and machining centres.

The initial training, with further sessions planned for the future, consisted of a full day session splitting into two groups at Pneumatrol’s factory. As a starting point, the groups worked through the WNT catalogue, gaining an insight into the vast amount of cutting data that is available there. This was followed by more detailed specific examples, using Pneumatrol’s own products to see how the cutting data could be improved.

Since the training day Pneumatrol has started working through its portfolio of pneumatic valves and reviewing all of the cutting data, the results so far have generated significant savings in both consumable tooling costs and more specifically cycle times.

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