Dafram introduces new control ball valve line

Dafram has launched a new product line of control ball valves. Dafram control ball valves assure excellent flow characteristic and provide accurate, reliable control in a wide range of applications, such as chemical, power and oil, both on gas and liquid service.

The Dafram control ball valves range consists of trunnion mounted ball valves for high performance and critical applications with special configurations, size ¼” to 36”, 150lbs to 4500lbs, PN10 to PN450, 2000psi to 15000psi, side entry, top-entry, full and reduced bore, in carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel and exotic alloys. They are suitable for abrasive flows, high temperatures and cryogenic use. These low emission ball valves are TA-LUFT certified and helium tested to vacuum.

DAFRAM has also developed proprietary calculation software for valve sizing and valve behaviour prediction. This tool is based on DAFRAM CFD calculation data and on the mathematical model validation obtained through intensive bench testing sessions that allowed a refined setting of the virtual model for each trim configuration.

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