DBV INTEC K200-S-FS for high operational safety

The Duo ball valve, developed by KLINGER Schöneberg, has a double shut-off of the pipeline and makes it possible to increase the safety of a system significantly. The Duo ball valve is available in the same length as a standard valve and provides a compact and economical alternative to several valves.

The Duo Ball Valve (DBV) is designed for applications with extremely high safety requirements. The DBV consists of two ball valves, which are equipped on request with two independent barriers. Therefore, the safety factor could be increased 4 times compared to a standard ball valve. Due to the double isolation and bleed function each ball valve is tight on both the upstream and downstream side.

Like all ball valves of the INTEC series the DBV is available in metal and soft seated execution, where the seat-systems meet all the leakage rate A, and are completely gas-tight.

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