Delamination Guaranty for IsoTech PSG Valves

ValvTechnologies, Inc., the leading manufacturer of zero-leakage severe service isolation valve solutions, is excited to introduce a Delamination Guaranty for its IsoTech® parallel slide gate (PSG) valves.

Delamination is the separation of the Alloy 6 or 21 hardfacing from the substrate and is believed to be caused by a sigma phase formation typically found when applied to F91 or C12A materials. This results in catastrophic destruction of the seat seal allowing the migration/liberation of the hardfacing, jeopardizing downstream components.

ValvTechnologies’ IsoTech® parallel slide gate valves are built specifically for modern-day severe service power applications where temperatures exceed 1000˚F (538˚C). Our RiTech® 31 hardcoating technology is impervious to the effects of high temperature cycling typically seen in combined cycle power plants in main stream isolation and hot reheat applications.

ValvTechnologies guarantees that its IsoTech® parallel slide gate valve, provided with its recommended RiTech® 31 hardcoating for use in high-pressure and temperature, super-critical and ultra-super critical applications, will not delaminate for 10 years or 10,000 cycles whichever comes first.

In the unlikely event the RiTech® 31 hardcoating delaminates from the substrate as described above, ValvTechnologies will provide the necessary labor, supervision and tooling to replace the defective components limited to the discs (2) and seat rings (2), either in situ or in a controlled shop environment.

This guaranty is in addition to our standard Four Year Zero-Leakage warranty. ValvTechnologies makes no warranty of any kind whatsoever, expressed or implied, other than as specifically stated herein.

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