DeNovo delivers the first gas from Zandolie

DeNovo Energy Limited (DeNovo), part of the Proman family of companies has announced the delivery of the first gas from its Zandolie field. The Unmanned Minimum Facility is DeNovo’s second offshore field development to be completed in Block 1 (a) on the West Coast of Trinidad. DeNovo has once again proven its commitment to increasing Trinidad’s national gas supply by safely and quickly developing stranded and marginal gas reserves. With an investment of USD 52 MM, Zandolie was completed within 31 months amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. To date, with approximately 371 persons employed at peak of construction, there has been Zero (0) Loss Time Incidents (LTIs) from 476,613 manhours. Of the total manhours spent delivering the project, 66% were local content manhours. Overall, the Zandolie project was delivered with 56.4% local content spend.

Zandolie is a single well, conductor-supported platform with a nameplate capacity of 40 MMSCFD. The field development builds off the existing Iguana Infrastructure enabling a more compact topside structure that is lighter and more efficient. The space-saving achieved also minimises the use of steel in the design allowing for a modular design and greater use of local fabrication services.

The ground-breaking integration of renewable resources makes Zandolie the first design of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago. Powered by wind and solar, the 100% renewably powered platform was also fully fabricated in the country, affirming DeNovo’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and maximising local talent and resources. The facility has also been designed to prevent methane slip in the transportation of gas during the extraction process and in its movement to DeNovo’s on-shore gas processing facility within the Point Lisas Industrial Estate.

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