Detonation flame arrester

Tyco’s AG Marvac Detonation Flame Arrester 600, designed to prevent the propagation of a flame front while dissipating the accompanying pressure wave, extinguishing the flame as it passes across the arrester element, is suitable for operation under stable and unstable detonation conditions with gas / vapour operating line pressure of up to 10 PSIG. The 600 is a “crimped strip” arrester, its honeycomb structure able to quench any resultant frame front. It is available in a range of sizes from 1–28 inches to meet the individual requirements of specific gases and vapours. It comes fitted with drain plugs as standard to allow any built-up condensate or process liquid to be drained from the unit without assembly removal. Body materials are 316 stainless steel and 43A carbon steel with a 316L stainless steel element, and flange connections ANSI, DIN or screwed, although other materials and connections are available upon request. The arrester can be fitted with additional connections for localised temperature or pressure-sensing equipment, and in-line steam jackets are also available to ensure a constant heat source to the arrester, preventing any polymerisation within the unit. As regular monitoring of the element is essential to ensure that there is no additional flow restriction during normal operation, the tube / element assembly can be disassembled without removal of the whole arrester from the line. The 600 Flame Arrester is suitable for use in industries including tank storage, vapour recovery, refineries, marine, chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, biogas and thermal oxidising.

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