Development of CLESTEC valves

KITZ has begun a full-scale entry into the valve market for hydrogen stations for Fuel Cell Vehicles. Previously, KITZ has only partially entered the valve market of Compressed Natural Gas stations in Japan. At this time, the company will launch “CLESTEC” Series of products as a group-wide project to start promotion to the eco-car fueling station market.

Eco-car fueling stations are rapidly expanding in the worldwide market along with the growth of eco-cars. The company promotes “CLESTEC” Series of products worldwide developed by KITZ Corporation, manufactured by KITZ SCT Corporation and Perrin GmbH. Sales and Promotion of “CLESTEC” Series of products will be made by group companies worldwide.

Efforts in promoting eco-cars have been seen in countries dedicated to automobile manufacturing and we expect an increase in demand not only in Japan, but also Germany, Korea, and North America. The company believes this trend will create increased demand for hydrogen stations as well as the valves for these stations.

This series is the first Japan-made ball valves for CNG Stations with three sizes in two/three-way manual and automatic (Pneumatic) operation. For shut down purposes, installation of the compact spring return pneumatic actuator will be available. At hydrogen stations, this series is the first ever diamond-like carbon coated metal seated structure in a high-pressure trunnion mounted ball valve. It has excellent sealing structure for high pressure hydrogen gas and have cleared durability test of 40,000 cycles with high pressure hydrogen gas.

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