DGI Doedijns promote Cameron LEDEEN actuators

DGI Doedijns new distributor of Cameron LEDEEN® actuators

The productive collaboration between Cameron Ledeen and DGI Doedijns has developed into an official distributorship. Cameron Ledeen specialises in the design and construction of a wide range of valve actuators. DGI Doedijns offers valve automation and system engineering services.

For years Cameron LEDEEN products have been used in the most extreme environmental conditions, e.g. desert, arctic, offshore and subsea applications. This has led to a solid product range with irrefutably demonstrated functionality, quality and reliability.

This distributorship enables DGI Doedijns to offer both standard standalone actuators and complete (control) systems. The actuator product range covers Ledeen’s pneumatic actuators, direct gas actuators, gas over oil actuators, hydraulic actuators, DIM electric actuators, and subsea actuators.

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