Digital proportional valves

Norgren will launch the world’s first completely digital proportional valves at Hannover Fair in April this year. The new valves, designated V51 and VP60, represent the next generation of proportional valves. Circuit board technology and a digital display allow the user to programme the unit to exact specifications off-line, so no time is lost to setting-up after fitting to the machine or subsequent maintenance. In addition fine-tuning can be carried out on-line. A signature, unique to each unit, enables each valve to be identified, its settings recorded and its performance monitored. High performance LEDs provide instant notification of tolerance limit settings and changes in outlet pressures. The valves can be linked to a fieldbus system and the data displayed on a PLC. Engineers can choose which of any five languages, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian they want to use on the menu structure. They can also specify that either imperial or metric measurements be used. Digital electronics ensure the valves operate accurately at speed and in any position. The valves boast rapid response times of <100ms for a 10-90% step change. The digital family is available in nominal diameters 4, 8 and 16 for pressure control (VP51), and in sizes 6 and 12 for flow control (VP60).

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